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His smile is infectious; his belly round like a Buddha, his style, grace and perfection is mind blowing. Mestre Petchu is probably the most influential and charismatic Kizomba dancer on the Planet.

Petchu, Pedro Vieira Dias Tomas, along with Ze Barbosa, were the first people to teach Kizomba and Semba in Portugal, from which it spread to Europe and to the rest of the world. Mestre Petchu has an impressive 30 years of experience teaching traditional African dances as the Founder and Artistic Director of the African Ballet, (Ballet Tradicional) Kilandukilu. He has trained most of the well-known Kizomba teachers and developed a complete methodology of teaching Kizomba, including setting the 3 counts in the Kizomba basic.

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Isabelle & Félicien is a true love story !!! They both fell in love with dance many years ago…The discovery of Kizomba brought them toghether ! They combined their musicality, their techniques and creativity to become one. They stand out because of their authenticity and their innovation, combining the basics of this Angolan dance and their own influences.

Isabelle has been dancing since she was six, from African dances to Gwo Ka, through Dancehall and Hip Hop. More recently, she was introduced to salsa.

Felicien discovered couple danceing when he was 11 years old, starting with ballroom & swing dancing, then latin styles, west coast swing and Argentine tango, a few years later.

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United by dance, the incredible Mozambican dancers Junior and Frida, who live in South Africa, have greatly influenced the development of dance in Mozambique and throughout the world. They founded JF Dance Passion – The First Kizomba School in Durban, South Africa, and it has since become one of the key factors in the growth of kizomba in the country.

Júnior and Frida have participated in several Festivals in countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, SA, Spain, Tanzania, Kenya, Holland, Angola and others, and have already worked with world-renowned artists. They are the creators and organizers of the KAYA International Dance Festival, the largest and sole Afro Latino Festival in Mozambique. They are regarded as one of the greatest sources of national pride by the Mozambican National Cultural Ministry and the international dance communities due to their passion for the arts, particularly dance.

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Emilie from Norway studied Dance in Norway and graduated specialised in contemporary, jazz and ballet.
She also holds a diploma in traditional dance from college of arts in Tanzania and CO-founded a breakdance crew that has won several competitions in East-Africa.
Dominika from Poland  studied salsa in Colombia  for over 10years. She was the first ever non Colombian dancer who danced in Salsodromo, the annual biggest salsa parade in the world in Cali.
Together with Salsa Pura Dance Crew she won 1st place at ESBN 2018, won 2nd place at Punta el Pie 2017 and got to Semi Finals in Mundial de Salsa 2017.
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PhD, Honors, Master degree, Licensed, in Performing Arts and specialization in Dance in France  and trained as a modern dance dancer in Cuba .
Studied choreography and arts in several countries like USA  France  Zimbabwe Finland  and others. And he has been working with the National singing and dancing company in Mozambique since 1995.
Founded the wonderful Danzartes project (trained dancers, teachers, choreographers all over the world
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Mike N MsTi have been dancing together over 12 years now. They aim make dance sport mainstream and they train kids to be future champs in Botswana. They are internationally trained and they are also dance adjudicators.
Mike N MsTi are experienced in dance entertainment, performance, workshops, team building, and production (commercial).
Their dance skills range from, but not limited to, International Latin & Ballroom Dance, Afro-Latin (Salsa_Kizomab_Bachata,etc), Modern Dance (Contemporary, Jazz, AfroBeats, HipHop, etc)
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Passionate about the art of energy transmission and connection provided by dance along with the main focus on Kizomba. They have been dancing together for 6 years, having gone through several festivals including past editions of Kaya. He has extensive experience in dance shows and choreographies. They are dance teachers and founders of the O Picardo Academy.

Apaixonados pela arte de transmissão de energia e conexão proporcionada pela dança a par com principal enfoque a Kizomba. Dançam juntos a 6 anos, tendo passado por vários festivais incluindo edições passadas do Kaya. Tem uma vasta experiência em shows de dança e montagem de coreografias. São professores de dança e fundadores da academia O Picardo.

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Jay and Anita are energetic and multi-talented Zambian dancers and have been dancing together since 2010.
They run Salsa/Bachata/Kizomba Classes under their brand name WE DANCE LUSAKA which focuses on different spheres of dance such as Latin and African Dances. They hosted the very first local Salsa/Bachata/Kizomba festival last year (2021) in Zambia as well as the very first Zambia Dance Awards this year in 2022. You can follow the program on YouTube under the name Amazing Dance. They have also had the privilege of teaching and representing Zambia at African Festivals and International communities individually.

Jay & Anita are passionate about hosting and showcasing Salsa/Bachata/Kizomba in Zambia and have hosted events with support from embassies such as the Cuban, Angolan, French and Italian Embassies to bring awareness to different genres of dance and culture to their local communities.

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Collective Professional Path / Awards

2015 Kizomba International Vice-Champions
Participation in the AFRICADANÇAR International Competition in Lisbon (Portugal). Kizomba World Champions
Participation in the Open Kizomba Festival. Tour across Europe, with training and exchange of experiences at festivals.
Launch of the Mozambique Kizomba Dance Awards project. 2021 Foundation of Bailamos fit&dance Studio.

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Where there is a beat, there is Afro; fuse Latin American music, and enter DJ E-kins. Afro-Latin music, whilst not limited to it, is the genre of choice for DJ E-Kins, or as he usually likes to say, “the Afro-Latin genre chose me.” Deejaying was a natural progression as a Salsa and Kizomba dancer and instructor, and with Afro-beats being a strong musical sociocultural influence as part of his Ghanaian origins, it only made sense to give in to the urge to take on the decks and express his love for Afro-Latin culture. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa for nearly two decades, DJ E-kins has been at it almost equally as long.

When not playing at international Afro-Latin festivals, or his Dance Spirit SA school socials and private events, he is a resident deejay at the long-standing Sankayi Lounge and Club in Sandton, doing his bit to exhibit the rich, African continental-music and commercial genres the venue is synonymous with. His absolute new favorite pastime – doing live online sets collaborating with like-minded Afro-Latin enthusiasts, where he continuously gains international reach and following.

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Sylvester Sefotlhelo aka DJ SilverFox

A professional DJ qualified under Pioneer DJ and Music Production Institute in South Africa.

SKB host/promoter in Johannesburg.
International DJ for SBK festivals including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Russia, Greece, Mozambique and other. He is a master trainer,ambassador & a qualified International dance adjudicator for the World Artistic Dance Federation-WADF. He has an amazing dance track record and is well known as Strictly Come Dancing’s own Dancer|Choreographer and he has been a part of various tv productions. He is a qualified Ballroom & Latin American teacher. He is a former South African representative on the professional South American World Championships in 1999 & he is currently a world adjudicator for Russia,Greece,Czech Republic,Botswana,Swaziland & others.

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H.Dias He started his career as a Dj in the city of Beira – Mozambique, like many others, playing at family parties and in neighboring houses.
Then he started playing on a local Radio, it didn’t take long and he became the main Dj of the station, where he became known and popular, starting to be called to the biggest nightclubs in the city.
Over time, he teamed up with a friend and they started producing and holding their own parties in different clubs and venues, started traveling to different provinces.
He is currently part of the Dance Spot academy, automatically joined the kizomba movement, and plays in almost all Kizomba Salsa, Tango and Bachata events in the community in Mozambique, and in addition plays in several leisure establishments such as Restaurants and Hotels, and a of the mentors of the KizombaLand Africa project.
He is also a Television Presenter, MC and Radio Announcer.
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Evans and Lola, an extraordinary dance duo, bring their vibrant personalities and diverse backgrounds to the world of Kizomba, Salsa, and Bachata.

With Evans discovering Kizomba back in 2014, his dance journey encompasses a fusion of Afro dance, Hip-hop freestyle, Salsa, and Bachata. His innate musicality, creative footwork and innovative combinations bring a fresh and exciting approach to the dance floor.

Lola, on the other hand, hails from a background in Tango and modern dance. An elegant and graceful dance style, coupled with her mastery of body control and fluidity enhances the couple’s performances, captivating audiences with their seamless connection and mesmerizing chemistry.

Together, Evans and Lola offer a unique blend of their respective dance backgrounds, emphasizing the fusion of Tango elements with the fundamentals of Kizomba, while maintaining the authenticity of Kizomba.

Their workshops are renowned for emphasis on musicality, technique, style, and innovative combinations. They encourage their students to embrace their creativity and develop their own unique dance voice. Evans and Lola foster a sense of community, where dancers of all levels can feel comfortable and supported. Their dedication to their students’ growth and enjoyment is evident as they provide personalized feedback, individual attention, and a joyful atmosphere that motivates dancers to unleash their full potential. Together, they will guide you to new heights, infuse your dance with passion, and ignite your love for Kizomba.

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21-25 SEPTEMBER 2023



+27 73 809 3813